Step into an incendiary exposé of the hidden dangers that plague the cannabis industry and the legal profession.

The legalized cannabis industry in the US is currently under siege due to federal illegalization. Anne van Leynseele highlights the darkness within the illegal cannabis industry in her book. She explains how its corruption is preventing the industry from reaching possible heights.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the legalized cannabis sector experienced unexpectedly rapid growth. However, during this time, there was also an increase in cases of illegal marijuana growing and illegal drug trafficking. The worst part that Anne identified was that licensed business owners are involved in more illicit operations than others.


Anne aims to educate everyone that the boom in the legalized cannabis industry will quickly dissipate if mandatory actions aren’t taken. Therefore, she appeals to the federal government to make cannabis legal in America. If federally legalized, the cannabis sector could be sanitized of the dirt that is currently holding it down.


It’s high time you learned about what’s really happening. The book is available on Amazon. Order your copy today.