The Rise of Illegal Cannabis Industry in the US

Apart from the growth of the legalized cannabis sector, illegal cannabis businesses are also thriving at an astounding rate. In her book, Anne van Leynseele discusses how the lack of federal legalization has caused business owners to take the illicit route. Those who wish to pursue the cannabis sector legally are handed down tax charges that are hard for them to afford. Further, it also elevates the dangers of marijuana use that are not allowed for recreational or medical purposes. The lack of understanding of the side effects of cannabinoids has made matters worse.


The War on Cannabis

The legalized cannabis sector experienced a major boom in the last few years. However, the lack of regulatory infrastructure on a federal level has put a halt to its consistent growth. After the Washington State Cannabis Law was passed, many states followed and legalized medical and recreational cannabis on different scales. Still, the US cannabis sector is undergoing a marijuana war on drugs, which will eventually grow if relevant measures aren’t taken.


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Speak Up

The war on drugs has gone on for far too long, but we have made meaningful progress in the past decade. Today, 43% of American adults reside in a jurisdiction where the recreational use of marijuana is legal.


Although we’ve come a long way, the fight for legalization isn’t over. For decades now, corrupt marijuana laws have allowed white-collar crime and red-collar crime to run rampant in our communities. Marijuana has been historically vilified to oppress underprivileged groups and racial minorities.


When the system fails, it falls upon us to make a difference. I’m asking you to speak up. Contact your local police, and ask the detectives to look into white-collar crime in your area. If you care about marijuana policy reform, you can also contact government officials such as Governor Inslee and Assistant Governor Ferguson and pressure them to help end unethical laws that hold back the industry and ruin the lives of innocent citizens. Make your voice heard today.

President Joe Biden via The White House

Phone Comments: 202-456-1111

Phone Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee

To contact Senator Patty Murray

To contact Senator Maria Cantwell

Washington State Attorney, Bob Ferguson

Phone: 206-486-2621


King County Prosecutor, Dan Satterberg

Phone: 206-477-1200


King County Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Economic Crimes Unit – Chair, Patrick Hines

Phone: 206-477-1181


Other Washington State Legislators