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Schedule I drugs must be handled with great care and supervision, especially on state levels. With the benefits of the growth of legalize cannabis US recording great statistics, some challenges still need to be addressed. The foremost purpose of legalizing cannabis in the US is to spread awareness regarding the herb’s potential economic, health, and other commercial advantages and how to maximize its industry potential without worrying about legal constraints.

Contributing To Economic Stability

Numbers don’t lie! As the lingering harms of the war on marijuana continue to unveil. The expenditure on this war thus far has been staggering. One cannot deny that a few rational decisions and leniency towards the act could have saved trillions of dollars and could be utilized nationwide on many other tragic issues. The growth of legalize cannabis US has shown positive monetary gains on much larger scales. Today, the industry has crossed over 150 billion US dollars collectively and is only expected to go further up.

On the other hand, it also opens up many employment opportunities. State-level legalization has created multiple pathways for employment. According to leafy job reports, the cannabis industry supports 428,059 jobs, a significant number factoring in the mass unemployment from the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. This will also positively impact low-level agricultural workers as they will get a proper working status and, more importantly, higher wages.

Creating Subtle Mental diversions

Remember the Pot-Head from Stranger things, Argyle? Well, he made his presence felt in the fight against the monsters. Decriminalization of cannabis will have a mental effect on the pseudo-pot-heads that might work in favor of eliminating the increase in addiction. A large population of young people who idolize and find the thrill of attempting illegal activities will no longer see it as cool.

This act can have a ripple effect and may provide a head start in the struggle and prevention of drug addiction.

A Helping Hand For Law Enforcement Authorities

Another considerable upside of legalization will be the distinguishment between the entities whose motives are to exploit the substance and mold it to destroy the generation and those dedicated to putting efforts towards a better cause. Instead of chasing every cannabis citation and investing a hefty amount to stop illicit activities, the authorities will find a clear direction with a minimum investment of money and human resources.

Optimizing Technology Use

From a technological perspective, famous giants like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine learning can also jump into the expansion and production of cannabis. A cannabis plant must go through several harvesting procedures and follow specific trimming and cutting protocols at different cultivation stages. Robots and AI-driven machinery can provide precision to this process.

We can also expect blockchain and cryptocurrencies to be major candidates for financial transactions in the business.

Opening Doors For Research And Development

The research and development centers will look forward to an in-depth analysis. They can do experiments that prove to be life-saving within the healthcare and pharmaceutical disciplines. Cannabis is already known as a remedy for multiple diseases and has been a painkiller for thousands of years.

The natural herb may cure many other illnesses, and legalizing cannabis seems a good decision to aid undiscovered breakthroughs.

Following the changes in trends and attitudes toward cannabis and the public support for legalizing it in the US, some noticeable cons still need attention and have to be tackled by taking appropriate measures and keeping a hold on such incidents.

Extensive Consumption

Recreational legalization has been the top debate among lawmakers. There is no denying that this can backfire quickly and put the young generation on the brink of disaster. Non-compliance with rules and consumption limits is likely to occur, which can cause problems for those in favor. Parents are the most concerned for their children’s health as increased drug usage directly impacts mental health and can make way for other chronic illnesses.

Fueling Bigger Threats

The growth of legalize cannabis US the trade of cannabis means messing with the core business source of the cartels and drug lords. The black market will take a direct hit and will likely retaliate, endangering the well-being and safety of the common people. It can spark war and will put the prosperity of the cannabis industry at risk since the mafia will see them as competitors.

Not So Friendly To The Environment.

Cannabis cultivation can harm the environment. The global climate change threat is a severe concern in the face of the legalization movement. Swift actions should be necessary as this can raise questions from foreign ambassadors of climate change control.

Moreover, cannabis plants require a significant amount of water compared to other crops. It can result in water scarcity.


The best way to find the right direction in this situation is to be aware and refer to authentic sources to educate yourself. Without proper guidance and understanding, the legalization act might mislead you about reality. The current results show promising signs, and it might take time to eliminate the downsides.

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