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As we know there are many the dangers of marijuana use, such as fact that it can boosts your mood with the exact mechanism as chocolates?

The most popular drug seems harmless and is consumed by many, including underaged children in many parts of the world. The pro-medical marijuana publicity has encouraged many people to consume it carelessly while making it hard to believe that this drug can be severely detrimental to health and have lasting damaging effects on one’s health and well-being. In the USA, people visiting rehabilitation centers are primarily under 21 years of age. The youth needs to understand that the dangers of marijuana use despite gaining momentary bliss, there are harmful effects of excessive usage in the long run.

The Hidden Dangers

The immediate responses to marijuana can lead to a loss of sense of time, distortion, delusions, hallucinations, and impaired coordination, leading to increased traffic accidents.

Students can be affected by an inability to concentrate and focus on their studies. The problem-solving skills and decision-making are compromised.

Chronic use of marijuana can lead to a cycle of psychosis. It can also kindle schizophrenia. Heavy doses of marijuana may also cause an individual to suffer in their career choices, cognitive ability, and social relations with peers. The overall achievements of a person may be severely hampered if the substance is abused.

The promotion of marijuana legalization and medicalization paints a rosy picture of how it is a healthy or damage-free substance. However, truth and facts state an increased risk of substance abuse and cannabis consumption through false advertisement.

Brain Health

Marijuana can cause a decline in your IQ, especially when you start inducing it at a young age. Studies have linked marijuana use to depression, anxiety, and episodes of psychosis. The chemical compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, which releases endocannabinoids, controls the production of neurotransmitters. Endocannabinoids also relax muscles and improve appetite. Well, the overall brain health gets stirred negatively, leading to memory issues, impairment in emotion and pleasure, and increased withdrawal tendencies and delusions.

Athletic Performance

The dangers of marijuana use are exponential. While it affects your mental faculties, it also lessens your athletic performance. The consumption of weed makes you unbalanced while moving. The movement, coordination of the mind with muscles, and balance are disturbed.

Your Driving is Compromised

Do you know the reason for most accidents around the world are drugs? Whether alcohol or cannabis, driving under the influence of substance abuse can lead to severe damage. As mentioned above, cannabis affects the muscle movement and balance required in driving. In the state of drugs, it gets challenging to take control. For example, an individual smoking weed might not hear the horns beside or behind him or notice the traffic signals as they are zoned out, which can lead to an accident.


Inducing marijuana during pregnancy can restrict the growth of the fetus. Even if an infant is born, they are more likely to develop impairment in brain development, physical health, poor cognitive abilities, and debilitated overall functioning. The THC chemicals are also transmitted through breast milk to infants, weakening the child’s development.

Social Anxiety

Despite keeping a person relaxed and calm, using weed can lead to a rise in social anxiety. Your way of communication and delivery of speech get affected. People with pre-existing anxiety disorders should avoid the use of cannabis. A cannabis user might have observed that when they don’t intake marijuana when they feel the need to, they experience a high level of anxiety because their nervous system has gotten so used to it.

Damage to Lungs

Cannabis flowers and stems contain carcinogens. When these carcinogens are burnt, which combines the heat and smoke that damages the airways of your lungs, according to the American Lung Association, smoking marijuana can lead to chronic bronchitis and weakened immunity.

Cardiovascular damages

Do you know weed can lead to an increase in your heart rate? This increase dilates blood vessels and makes your heart pump harder. This shows more panic attacks and heart pain.

Lowers Testosterone

Cannabis contains high levels of THC, which reduces testosterone production. Lack of testosterone levels shows unwanted side effects of weed, like fatigue, weight loss or weight gain, and a poor sex drive. Ordinary people can regenerate testosterone levels as compared to the users.

Daily Life

The widespread use of marijuana can affect the performance and functionality of an individual in daily chores, work, and personal lives. It can lead to reduced self-esteem, life satisfaction, career problems, and a decline in educational achievement.

A Short list of Benefits

Cannabis has a more negative impact on the user, yet there are some positive effects.

  • It helps to reduce chronic pain
  • Glaucoma can be treated with it
  • Aids the patients with cancer
  • helps with symptoms of sclerosis
  • can be effective for epilepsy and seizures


Marijuana consumption is growing day by day throughout the world. The media and doctors portray it with a positive twist, increasing its consumption, especially among youth. Yet, the dangers of marijuana are not appropriately depicted, which is essential. It can lead to severe health issues, including physical and mental problems. Cultivating crime by Anne Van Leynseele states the flaws and abuses of the marijuana industry. Get a copy of the book and enhance your knowledge of the pros and cons of the thriving cannabis phenomenon. Gain a far better understanding of how endangering the consumption of cannabis can be and keep your loved ones safer and more aware.

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